Let's set the record straight that there should be no pineapple or grenadine in a Mai Tai... But there should always be plenty of rum!
Don Q Cristal, Wray & Nephew, orange curaçao, orgeat, fresh lime, house mai tai syrup, rose water
A refreshing "highball" take on the Missionary's Downfall, using whiskey instead of rum. 
Jameson, Giffard Caribbean Pineapple liqueur, coconut water, fresh lime, housemade falernum
Garnished with salt sourced from the volcanos of Hawaii.
Olmeca Blanco, fresh lime, agave syrup, tiki bitters, black lava salt
This is what happens when a Navy Grog has a “crush” on Rosemary.
Sagamore Rye, Thomas Tew, the Scarlet Ibis, fresh lime, fresh OJ, rosemary infused maple syrup, allspice dram, club
A famous tiki cocktail from the 1930s that has remained a secret recipe, until now...
Bacardi superior, Brugal Anejo, housemade falernum, cinnamon syrup, fresh lime, fresh grapefruit, Don Q 151
Created in 1732 by a gentlemen's club in Philadelphia, this punch is the oldest recipe on our menu. 
Camus VS, Black Coral Spiced, fresh lemon, black tea syrup, apricot liqueur, sparkling wine
Just one of the many cocktails that Hemingway used to drink in Cuba.
Bacardi superior, fresh lime, caramelized Demerara syrup
Choose from 3 levels of madness! The higher the level, the higher the rum!
Papas Pilar Dark, pineapple, fresh orange, creme de coco, fresh lime, nutmeg
Our ginger beer is one of a kind, made with fresh pressed ginger and a touch of vanilla.
Smirnoff Vodka, housemade ginger beer, fresh lime, bitters
A complex cocktail that is just as popular today as it was when it was first discovered in Singapore in 1915.
Aviation Gin, Cherry Heering, Benedictine, Cointreau, pineapple, fresh lime grenadine
Just like the original New Orleans recipe created by Pat O’Brien in the 1940s.
Caña Brava 3 year, passionfruit syrup, fresh lemon
On Saturdays and Sundays we top our Bloody with pickled shrimp from Firefly!
Flor de Caña 4 year, Ancho Reyes Verde, house spiced tomato juice, sea salt, bitters
The poster-child cocktail for the modern revival of tiki culture.
Kraken Black Rum, pineapple infused Campari, pineapple, fresh lime, mango syrup
Bacardi Coconut, Bacardi Superior, creme de cacao, fresh lime, macadamia nut liqueur, allspice  dram, sprinkles
Bacardi Dragonberry, all natural guava purée, guava nectar, strawberry, fresh lime, sprinkles
Abuelo Centuria   $38
Panama 40% 

Abuelo Anejo XV Anos Napoleón Cognac Cask Finish   $18
Panama 40%

Abuelo Anejo XV Anos Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish   $18
Panama 40% 

Afrohead 7 Year   $9
West Indies 40%  

Afrohead XO 15 Year   $12
West Indies 43% 

Appleton Estate SignatureBlend   $9
Jamaica 40%

Atlantico Gran Reserva   $10
Dominican Republic 40% 

Bacardi 8 Year   $10
Puerto Rico 40% 

Big Five Silver   $7
St. Petersburg, Florida 40%  

Big Five Gold   $7
St. Petersburg, Florida 40%

Big Five Coconut   $7
St. Petersburg, Florida 40%

Black Coral Spiced   $8
West Palm Beach, florida 40%

Black Coral White   $8
West Palm Beach, florida 40%

Brugal Anejo   $7
Dominican Republic 38%

Brugal Especial Dry   $7
Dominican Republic 40%

Brugal Extra Viejo   $8
Dominican Republic 43%
Cana Brava   $7
Panama 43%

Cana Brava 7 Year   $10
Panama 45%

Cane Run   $7
Trinida 40%

Cruzan Aged Dark   $7
St. Croix 40%

Cruzan Single Barrel   $10
St. Croix 40%

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva   $10
Venezuela 40%

Diplomatico Single Vintage 2002   $29
Venezuela 43%

Don Q Cristal   $7
Puerto Rico 40%

Don Q Gold   $7
Puerto Rico 40%

Don Q Signature Edition Single Barrel 2007   $10
Puerto Rico 40% 

Flor de Caña 4 year extra Seco   $7 
Nicaragua 40%

Flor de Caña 7 year Reserve   $8
Nicaragua 40%

Gosling Black Seal   $8
Bermuda 40%

Key West Bad Bitch   $11
Key West 40%

Key West Devils Rum    $8
Key West 35.2%

Kraken Black Spiced   $7
Trinidad and Tobago 47% 

Mount Gay Black Barrel   $8
Barbados 43%
Naked Turtle    $7
St. Croix 40%

Papas Pilar Blonde   $8
Key West 42%

Papas Pilar Dark   $13.50
Key West 43%

Plantation OFTD Overproof Dark    $9
Trinidad 69%

Plantation Pineapple   $9
Trinidad 40%

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary   $13
Barbados 40%

Pussers British Navy Blue Label    $7
Guyana 42%

Pyrat XO Reserve   $12
Anguilla, 40%

Rhum Clément Reserve 10 Year   $17
Martinique, 42%

Rhum Clement VSOP   $10
Martinique, 40%

Rhum JM XO   $16.50
Martinique, 45%

The Scarlet Ibis   $10
Trinidad, 49%

Smith and Cross   $9
Jamaica, 57%

Wray & Nephew   $8
Jamaica, 63%

Zacapa 23 Year Solera   $11.50
Guatemala, 40%

Zafra Master Reserve 21 Year   $18
Panama, 40%
Zombie   $35      
Jungle Bird   $35
Mai Tai   $35
Singapore Sling   $40
Moscow Mule   $30
Missionary Highfall   $35
Guava Mimosa   $8      Glass of Bubbles  $7
Pinot Grigio  $7     Pinot Noir   $7
Funky Buddha Floridian Hefeweizen   $6

Florida Keys Brewing Spearfish Amber Ale $7

Modelo Especial   $6

Waterfront Brewery Lazy Way IPA   $7

Waterfront Brewery Crazy Lady Blonde Ale   $6

Guinness   $6

Miller Lite   $5

Kona Longboard Lager   $6

Bud Light   $5
White Claw Flavored Seltzer   $6 small  $7 large

Michelob Ultra   $6

Genessee Brewing N/A   $5

Stella   $6

Corona   $6

Corona Light  

Coors Light   $6

Yuengling  $6

Strongbow Cider  $6

Bud Light  $5