tiki expresses our desire to escape

Have you ever asked yourself, "What is Tiki anyways?" Well, in its truest form, "Tiki" is actually quite simple: it expresses our desire to escape. The historical Tiki Cocktail movement originated in California at the beginning of the 20th Century. This was a time when drinks were made with real fruit, ingredients were kept secret, and rum was poured freely! Our goal is to give you a glimpse into the traditional world of tiki by using authentic and unique tiki cocktails to create a paradise within paradise. After all, the sole purpose of a tiki bar is to offer an experience that you can see, hear, feel and of course, drink! 
Over 100 years later, this classic has stood the test of revolutions and time. Enjoyed by some of the most notable figures of the past century. 
Just one of the many cocktails that Hemingway used to drink in Cuba. 
Bacardi superior, fresh lime, caramelized Demerara syrup.
Not quite as old as the Daiquiri, we serve this “Tommy” style, but with a twist. Garnished with salt sourced from the volcano’s of Hawaii.
Olmeca Blanco, fresh lime, agave syrup, tiki bitters, black lava salt.
In this version of a Bloody Mary, the history of the rough seas is interpreted through the heat, the lime, and the monsters, oh my! 
Our take on a famous drink that we can’t name from a famous bar that we can’t name somewhere on another island that well, we can’t name. Choose from 3 levels of madness! The higher the level, the higher the rum!
Papa's Pilar Dark, pineapple, orange, creme de coco, lime juice, nutmeg.
A famous tiki cocktail from the 1930s that was kept a secret recipe, until now…We pay respect to the original recipe, only two Zombies per person! Proceed with caution!
Bacardi superior, Brugal Anejo, housemade falernum, cinnamon syrup, fresh lime, fresh grapefruit, Don Q 151.
Another famous tiki cocktail, this time from the 1940s that is not for the weak of heart, with some added floral notes to accompany your fresh “lei”.
Don Q Cristal, Wray & Nephew, orange curacao, orgeat, fresh lime, house mai tai syrup, rose water.
The poster-child cocktail for the modern revival of tiki culture. Rumor is that the cocktail was created in Kuala Lumpur as a hotel welcome drink during a short tiki revival in the 1970s, however, no one knows who created the recipe. Thankfully, it was eventually discovered in a thrift store paperback two decades later to be re-published for us all to enjoy.
Kraken Black Rum, pineapple infused Campari, pineapple, fresh lime, mango syrup.
Sometimes a drink just comes along that is greater than the sum of its parts.  One of the most popular cocktails of our time even though it was created in the 1940s.
Smirnoff Vodka, housemade ginger beer, fresh lime, bitters.
“If it weren’t for the Sling, the Tiki Revolution may have never been born.”
This cocktail, absent of any rum, is the recipe from the Raffles Hotel in Singapore that became a tiki legend since the year 1915.
Aviation Gin, Cherry Heering, Benedictine, Cointreau, pineapple, fresh lime, grenadine.
The oldest recipe on our menu created in 1732 by a gentleman's club in Philadelphia.
Camus VS, Black Coral Spiced, fresh lemon, black tea syrup, apricot liqueur, sparkling wine.

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